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Kylemore Book Club

The Kylemore Abbey Global Centre, along with six partners from across the University of Notre Dame campus, has launched the Kylemore Book Club, an open, multimedia, educational enrichment program featuring Notre Dame’s expert faculty. Regularly throughout the year, relevant themes will be selected, and participants will be invited to join four weekly meetings to discuss books, excerpts, films, and other materials.


Understanding the Body with W.B. Yeats & James Joyce

This series, led by Declan Kiberd, will draw our focus closer to the human body, inviting readers to consider how the body is represented in the work of Irish authors W.B. Yeats, James Joyce, Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill and Eavan Boland.

Introducing readers to these two towering figures of Irish literature, the following themes will be discussed: the relationship between mind and body; the body in pain; the body in Irish history; and the body set free. Guest speakers will join Declan during some of these sessions.

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Literature & Film in Lockdown

The debut program, “Literature and Film in Lockdown,” is led by Professor of English and Donald R. Keough Family Professor of Irish Studies Barry McCrea.

Literary accounts teach us that plagues and pandemics have recurred sporadically throughout human history, that sooner or later, they pass; that the timing of their passing is maddeningly unknowable; and that in the meantime, people must come up with strategies to psychologically navigate the strange, silent waters of life in lockdown. 

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