The Kylemore Abbey Global Centre hosts courses, retreats, and events that further Notre Dame's educational, intellectual, and spiritual pursuits in Ireland.

The wild west of Ireland has inspired the likes of W.B. Yeats, J.M. Synge, and Paul Henry. It has been the site of a saint’s pilgrimage. Now, it hosts Notre Dame students and faculty as they contemplate, research, and learn in a quintessentially Irish setting. 

Surrounded by dramatic landscape in the Connemara region, the Kylemore Abbey Global Centre offers an idyllic setting to bring together scholars and students, Americans and Irish, the Church and academia. Located in an active Benedictine monastery, the Centre offers a true Irish immersion – opportunities to connect with the local community, to experience the culture, and to understand the history – all while living, studying, and praying within a faith-enriched space.

Founded in 2016, The Centre is equipped with a 16-room residence hall, dining facilities, and communal space. It is a frequent host to groups and individuals who wish to experience the richness of Ireland.  

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The Benedictine community

Kylemore Abbey Global Centre coordinates with the Benedictine community and exposes students to their commercial activities and spiritual retreats.

44,000 Kylemore Abbey Estate House square footage

19 programs at Kylemore in 2018

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