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En Plein Air Art Workshop

Join painters Jaclyn Dooner & Simón Ramírez Restrepo for a unique ten day landscape painting and drawing workshop immersed in Connemara County’s diverse and unique topography. Learn key oil painting and drawing techniques while enjoying the great outdoors: color relationships, light and shadow, perspective drawing, and other essentials for capturing nature.

En Plein Air Art Workshop 2020 Flyer

Program Cost

1,500 EUROS

Program includes:
  • en-suite bedrooms
  • all meals included
  • en plein air excursions
  • shuttle service
  • hikes
  • local artist master classes
  • indoor studio space
  • morning lectures
  • painting critiques
  • community discussions
  • end of workshop exhibit


To register your interest in the program and/or for questions, please email kylemore@nd.edu