Leadership Webinar: The new leadership capabilities for a post-COVID world


Location: via Zoom

20201027 185516

One clear learning from the past six months of unprecedented turmoil is that the type of leadership most organizations experienced up to now will not serve them well as they move forward into a post-COVID environment. The first step is to reflect and identify the lessons learned from this pandemic. Next, leaders need to identify the new skills, capabilities, and practices that will be needed to be successful in a continuing environment of discontinuity and disruption, change at warp speed, and high ambiguity.

We have brought together some of the most insightful experts on leadership to discuss the need for leaders to adapt to this new environment. They will share their insights and present their key thoughts about how you need to adapt your leadership in order to successfully lead your organization in the post-COVID world.

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Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson has been a pace setter in the field of Leadership Development for over 30 years. He is the Founder, Chairman and Chief Development Officer of The Leadership Circle and the Full Circle Group, creator of The Leadership Circle Profile, a powerful 360° assessment used by organizations the worldwide, and the co-author of two critically acclaimed and impactful books on leadership - Scaling Leadership and Mastering Leadership. Bob’s groundbreaking work with The Leadership Circle Profile has provided thousands of leaders with constructive feedback on their effectiveness as a leader.  He is a consultant and coach to senior executives in major organizations around the world.


Mel Dowdy

Dr. Melvin Dowdy is the faculty lead for Inspirational Leadership at Kylemore, a unique leadership program helping leaders improve their ability to lead in an era of ambiguity and uncertainty. Mel is the retired Executive Director for the Center for Organizational Excellence at Bons Secours Health System. He is a practicing clinical and counseling psychologist and a valued consultant and coach for senior leaders. He has developed particular interest in values-based leadership, the integral approach to leadership development, leadership spirituality, and the leader’s role in cultivating organizational conditions for ethical integrity. Mel is a former ordained Methodist Minister and currently serves as a Deacon in the Roman Catholic Church.


Lisa Caulfield

Lisa Caufield is Director of the Kylemore Abbey Global Centre in Connemara, Ireland. She is responsible for the establishment and transformation of this unique learning space within the famed Kylemore Abbey. In 2018, Lisa created an additional opportunity for Notre Dame students to study abroad at the National University of Galway. Lisa teaches the Immunity to Change module in the Inspirational Leadership at Kylemore program.  She also is responsible for curating the interdisciplinary programs, courses, residencies and retreats hosted at the Global Centre at Kylemore.