The Notre Dame Kylemore facility features 16 en suite bedrooms, which can cater to student or professional groups. Twelve of these bedrooms can accommodate triple occupancy, with one set of murphy-style bunk beds and one queen-sized sofa bed. Two of these bedrooms can accommodate four people, with two sets of murphy-style bunk beds and one sofa. The final two bedrooms are smaller “staff-style” rooms which can accommodate double occupancy, with each bedroom sleeping two people in murphy-style bunk beds.

The facility can accommodate 48 individuals at full capacity. The bedrooms can also be utilized as single-occupancy rooms that are well-suited to adult and professional programs. For these adult programs, 14 individuals can stay in the bedrooms and utilize the queen-sized sofa beds for a more hotel-like experience. The two smaller “staff-style” rooms could be available for program organizers or staff. Desks are provided in each room, and all rooms feature views of the mountains and the lake. Bedrooms have full wireless connectivity, and residents access their bedrooms using electronic swipe cards. The swipe cards given to each resident will function for their specific bedroom, as well as the main door of the facility.