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Cancer Research: Biseach Initiative

BISEACH is Irish for HEALING - Improving Cancer Outcomes Through Collaborative Research

Collaboration is the foundation for the progression of cancer research today, bringing brilliant people together to generate brilliant ideas. The University of Galway’s Lambe Institute and Notre Dame’s Harper Cancer Research Institute have come together to establish a long-term strategy of faculty and student collaboration.

This endeavor coordinates principal investigators, faculty, and students from both institutions through a series of virtual symposia, in-person conferences, and seminars to identify research opportunities, partner in grant applications, and endeavor to create joint publications and patents. Fighting Irish Fighting Cancer on both sides of the Atlantic hope to build on the infrastructure, talent, and ideas of both institutions for a global impact in the area of cancer research.

Learn more about the participants:

Biseach Project Principal Investigators

If your are interested in joining the initiative, please fill out the Expression of Interest Form.

If you are interested in joining the fight against cancer by donating to Biseach, please contact Lisa Caulfield at

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