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Summer Placement

University of Notre Dame students have an opportunity for a three credit Summer Research placement at a complimentary lab in the University of Galway. The placement will give students the chance to undertake a range of hands-on tasks under the guidance of a faculty mentor and professional researcher to gain expertise in laboratory and analytical techniques using contemporary technologies.

Students will critically read relevant literature, discuss concepts and results with mentors, and prepare a formal final report detailing their research experience. These international placements provide an excellent opportunity for students to gain international work experience and participate in cutting-edge research. Accommodation will be at NUI, Galway’s Goldcrest Student Accommodation and there will be a cultural summer programme led by Notre Dame Kylemore included which will enrich your summer placement experience through learning of the history, politics and creativity of the West of Ireland.

There are four areas of research available where the student will be paired off with a PI.

➔ Biomedical Engineering
➔ Civil Engineering
➔ Cancer Research
➔ Environmental Science/Engineering

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Semester Research

Undergrad Study Abroad Pic

Study Abroad Research Students accepted into the NDG Galway study abroad programme have the opportunity to complete the Scientific Research Experience module. This research experience will help students to:

  • Exhibit an in-depth knowledge of basic and applied research in their assigned research area.
  • Demonstrate awareness of common techniques and technologies in the research area.
  • Develop expertise in a range of methods through hands-on experience in a laboratory setting.
  • Follow health and safety standards required for laboratory research.
  • Identify, read, and critique research in scientific literature.
  • Communicate scientific concepts and findings in an appropriate written format and style.

If you are interested in the NUIG research opportunity, please complete application form.

Application Form.

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