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Naughton Fellowships

The Naughton Fellowship facilitates cross-cultural collaborative research between Notre Dame and leading Irish universities, enabling successful candidates to participate in science and engineering studies with cutting-edge professors on both sides of the Atlantic.

At the undergraduate level, students apply to the summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) programme, which offers full tuition, living expenses, and a cultural enrichment programme to eight Notre Dame students. Seniors seeking to pursue a master’s degree may apply for a one-year fellowship which also provides full tuition and a generous stipend, offering students the opportunity to obtain a degree from one of four specific universities in Ireland. The REU programme offers an exchange with those universities, allowing an equivalent number of Irish students to conduct summer research at Notre Dame under the direction of a faculty mentor. Irish students can also earn a graduate degree through Notre Dame’s ESTEEM programme for graduates focused on the intersection between entrepreneurship, engineering, science, and technology.

At the faculty and doctoral level, the Naughton Fellowship allows faculty and graduate students to collaborate with co-advisors and principle investigators in their chosen field, with one based at Notre Dame and the other in Ireland.

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