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The Notre Dame Global Centre at Kylemore offers residential spiritual retreats throughout the year, specifically themed and according to the liturgical calendar. In partnership with the Benedictine Community there are several opportunities to partake in a retreat at the ND Global Centre, that are coordinated with the community at Kylemore. The Abbey’s environment is particularly well suited for contemplation with its location in the heart of Connemara providing a natural separation from everyday life that is necessary for efforts in contemplative prayer.

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Body, Mind and Soul Yoga Retreat

Harmonising Body, Mind, and Soul with holistic living emphasises the importance of spiritual well-being through a connection with one's inner self and the world around. Participants will benefit from the unique setting of the Global Centre on the grounds of Kylemore Abbey and the in-person teachings of Father Dorathick Rajan, OSB Cam.

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Centering Prayer Retreat

This silent retreat offers the retreatant a deep immersion in the silence of Centering Prayer and will feature DVD’s of Fr. Thomas Keating to aide in the journey. The retreat will be enhanced by the unique opportunity to live in community with the Benedictine sisters who reside at Kylemore.

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