Kylemore Abbey

Residency Programs

Kylemore Abbey Global Centre's residency programs provide the opportunity for an eclectic range of artistic, musical, dance, business, and writing initiatives to grow and flourish in the beauty and tranquility of Connemara. Open registration to these programs invite living, learning and communing in a setting that is inspirational. Residents can establish connections with peers in their field by participating in tailored programs housed in the Centre, a facility featuring classroom, dining, and social space located on the grounds of the Kylemore Abbey Estate. These value-driven programs, created by and with master's of their trade, will allow for creativity, insight and deep reflection with focused concentration. The goal of these programs is to produce innovative work that will positively impact others in a variety of disciplines that serve the greater good of humanity.

En Plein Air Art Workshop

Join painters Jaclyn Dooner & Simón Ramírez for a unique ten-day landscape painting and drawing workshop immersed in Connemara County’s diverse and unique topography. Learn key oil painting and drawing techniques while enjoying the great outdoors: color relationships, light and shadow, perspective drawing, and other essentials for capturing nature.

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Live Drawing Salon

Join artists for a four day three night life drawing program, where you will receive Master Class instruction from renowned artists. Enjoy drawing sessions while being a part of a cultural & intellectual community of artists at the Notre Dame Global Centre at Kylemore.

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