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Master of Fine Arts: Art Residency Program

Partnered with the New York Academy of Art, the Royal Hibernian Academy, and the University of Notre Dame's MFA in art program, this month-long residency program has representation from all over the world. Through this program, students have the opportunity to be exposed to the Irish professional art scene, visit galleries throughout the country as well as experience local Irish art studios. The program helps to hone students' technical skills, provides studio practice, and gives them the opportunity to present their work to fellow art residents that culminates in a final public exhibition. Students also receive faculty advice and feedback on their work.

The award includes room and board, a cultural program that gives students insight into Irish history, politics and geography as well as the opportunity to explore the Irish landscape. Flights to Ireland and some meals during the first week in Galway are not covered in the award.

MA Art Residency Program Materials List


For 2024, we are looking for students and past graduates of the Notre Dame MFA program working in the medium of paint, drawing or sketching to partake in this residency. We will be awarding four placements for current and past pupils of the MFA program at Notre Dame. 

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2024 Awardees

  • James Ostrander (ND)
  • Jonathan Kusnerek (ND)
  • Jason Cytacki (ND)
  • Manuela Caicedo Anaya (NYAA)
  • Heather McLeod (NYAA)
  • Lucia Rodriguez Perez (NYAA)
  • Benjamin Staker (NYAA)

2023 Awardees

  • Jason Daniels (ND)
  • Emma Ryan (ND)
  • Jacob Lehmann (ND)
  • Thomas Callahan (ND)
  • Antonia de Oliveira Bara (NYAA)
  • Lucy Plowe (NYAA)
  • Ciara Rafferty (NYAA)
  • Santiago Galeas (NYAA)

2022 Awardees

  • Geneva Hutchinson (ND)
  • Joe Matty (ND)
  • Amelia Mendelsohn (ND)
  • Grace Hamilton (ND)
  • Ryan Davis (NYAA)
  • Arielle Tesoriero (NYAA)
  • Jorge Vascano (NYAA)
  • Sophia Weisensel (NYAA)

2020 Awardees

  • Jonathan Kusnerek, (ND)
  • James Ostrander, (ND)
  • Jennifer Kaplan, (ND)

2019 Awardees

Faculty Advisor: Maria Tomasula, (ND) 

  • Brittany Williams, (ND) 
  • Ana V. Fleming, (ND) 
  • Cassandra Schifano, (ND) 
  • Zolt Basti, (RHA) 
  • Michelene Huggard (RHA)
  • Melissa O'Faherty (RHA)
  • Maud Madsen (NYAA)
  • Austin Harris (NYAA)
  • Ivanna Stulic (NYAA)
  • Sydney Bowers (NYAA)