Su Engin Program

Summer Engineering & Environmental Science Program

This 6-week, 6 credit program gives engineering and environmental science students an opportunity to live, study and explore in two separate regions in the west of Ireland. Three courses, Statics, Resiliency of Engineering Systems, and Contemplative Ecology, will be offered and students will select two to take for the duration of the program. The program also includes extensive outdoor activities such as hill walking, hiking, sailing, and cycling.

Students will start their Irish journey by spending the first three weeks of the program at Notre Dame Kylemore. There they will experience a full cultural and professional development program immersing them in the Wild Atlantic Way and the landscape of the west of Ireland.

The program then shifts to Galway City where students will take classes at University of Galway and stay at the Goldcrest Village on the University's campus. Galway City was recently awarded the European Capital of Culture and has world renown festivals such as The Cúirt International Festival of Literature, the International Arts Festival, and the Galway Races. 

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Dates Cost Application
June 16 - July 27, 2024 $9,000 Deadline: February 10, 2024

Course Descriptions

Contemplative Ecology

This theology course, taught by Fr. Matthew Gummess, is an exploration of the possibilities for fleshing out Pope Francis's call for ecological conversion and an ecological spirituality. It puts classics from the Christian mystical tradition, including the desert fathers and mothers and Francis of Assisi, as well as contemporary figures such as Thomas Merton, in conversation with a rich U.S. tradition of writing on nature, often with the intent of inculcating environmental virtues and promoting an environmental ethic. The course will conclude with close readings of Pope Francis's writings, Laudato si' and Querida Amazonia. The course will include an experiential component that will take advantage of the beauty of Irish landscapes.

Resiliency of Engineering Systems

This course, taught by Kevin Walsh, includes fundamental concepts needed to understand and engineer for mitigation and resilience against multi-hazard vulnerability of critical infrastructure, environment, energy, communities, and other complex and inter-connected networks. It includes components in decision-making and public policy.


Professor Brad Weldon will provide an introduction to systems of forces and couples. Other topics that will be taught are vector mechanics, equilibrium of rigid bodies, internal forces and moments, trusses and beams, distributed loads and properties of areas, and friction and virtual work.