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Course Content

Inspirational Leadership at Kylemore is a transformational experience for the experienced, successful leader seeking development and a new perspective on how to embrace the challenges of a highly competitive, and complex environment and create sustained competitive value for their organization. In taking this holistic, integral approach to leadership, you will find multiple opportunities for personal and professional growth via feedback and reflection on your own values, competencies and even your limiting strengths. We offer a developmental approach to leadership that allows you to increase your capacity and impact as a leader in a dynamic, complex, and uncertain environment.

The week inspires you to expand your leadership capacity with:

  • A new perspective about the complexities and connections of leadership
  • Individual executive coaching to maximize your takeaway from a robust 360° feedback survey tool that goes beyond just strengths and weaknesses
  • Finding deep insight into your values, behavior and motivations that drive behaviors and decisions
  • New tools, perspectives and practices to build leadership capacity and lead effective change in an unstable and complex environment
  • Practices in personal reflection and critical thinking to enhance self-awareness
  • Lifestyle practices that optimize your good health
  • Hands-on application of key tools to a business or leadership challenge you will bring to the programme
  • The opportunity to step away, think and reflect about the leader you want to become in a unique, reflective and iconic location in the west of Ireland

Core Learnings

Integral Leadership Development

Our unique approaches focuses on your development as a leader – developing competencies and, most importantly, capacity. Authentic, values-based leadership starts from within. Our integrated, developmental approach to leadership takes an inside to outside approach that will help you understand your core values and your personal leadership style to positively impact your teams, organizations, and the greater business community.

The program introduces an integrated leadership model to help you understand and appreciate the complexities of leadership. It considers you, as a leader, in relation to complex business challenges, and focuses on an inside-out developmental approach. Effective leaders learn to account for themselves, those around them, and the systems and culture in place within their organizations.

Increased Executive Capacity

Through the introduction of powerful tools and new perspectives, including Immunity to Change and Polarity Management, you will get a better handle on effective ways to diagnose issues, develop change initiatives, and evaluate strategic options for your everyday business needs. This signature Notre Dame program for established executives helps you find creative solutions to pressing business issues and drive change.

Leadership Assessment and One-on-One Coaching

The week includes executive coaching based on a robust 360° feedback instrument, The Leadership Circle Profile™. This tool accurately measures skills in high achievement leadership that correlate strongly to output and creating results.

Course Content

Key Programme Modules

The content delivered will challenge your current assumptions about leadership, provide you with new tools and perspectives, and allows time for the reflection needed for the development of a plan moving forward to ensure your learning objectives are accomplished.

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