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360 Assessment & Executive Coaching

The Leadership Circle Profile 360° On-line Instrument

The Leadership Circle Profile (TLCP) is a web-based 360° instrument that uniquely connects leadership competencies with underlying assumptions, beliefs, and values that drive behavior. It provides individuals the opportunity to gain a deeper, more insightful, understanding of themselves and their relationship to others. This insight provides self-knowledge needed to create individual behavioral change, impact systems and processes and contribute to the culture and shared values, via the integral leadership model. The Leadership Circle Profile is the only integrated lens for an individual’s vertical leadership development. Gain knowledge about your leadership style, how it’s affecting those around you, and create a leadership development plan from your insights.

TLCP is a thoroughly researched and validated instrument that measures, organizes and displays key competencies and dimensions. TLCP measures creative competencies and reactive tendencies and the degree of balance between achievement competencies and relationship competencies. TLCP also provides two key bottom line measurements. The first is leadership potential utilization which answers the question, “how am I doing?” The second is the individual’s current stage of adult development. In sum, individuals have a comprehensive, understandable view of themselves.

This tool is convenient and easy for participants to use. Individuals complete an on-line survey that takes approximately 20 minutes, they are rated by colleagues and subordinates and they receive combined results displayed graphically in a circle. In addition, extensive supporting materials provide more detailed and meaningful information. Individual results are reported in comparison to the growing norm base so individuals may compare themselves to others inside and outside of the organization.

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The 4 Quadrants of the Leadership Circle Profile

Creative Competencies

The top half of the circle maps Creative Competencies that contribute to a leader’s effectiveness. They measure key leadership behaviors and internal assumptions that lead to high fulfillment, high achievement leadership.

Reactive Tendencies

The lower half of the circle maps self-limiting Reactive Tendencies and behaviors. The Reactive dimensions reflect inner beliefs and assumptions that limit effectiveness, authentic expression, and empowering leadership.


The left half of the circle maps Relationship behaviors in both the Creative and Reactive halves. This is how you relate on a daily basis.


The right half of the circle maps the ability and style through which you engage with work. The Task dimensions show either your Creative abilities to accomplish tasks and sustainably achieve results, or a Reactive style to push yourself and others beyond sustainable productivity.

Personalized, 90-minute Executive Coaching Sessions

An individual 90-minute executive coaching session is an integral part of Inspirational Leadership at Kylemore. The coaches are highly-experienced in working with the 360° instrument and in providing meaningful and actionable feedback. Your Coach will explain your results in depth and help you identify a development plan so you can take maximum advantage of the feedback provided in your TLCP results.

These coaching sessions will occur early in the week to allow you maximum time to reflect on the feedback and your conversation with your Executive Coach.

Follow-on Personalized Executive Coaching Sessions

Individuals may opt for additional, personalized executive coaching sessions after the conclusion of Inspirational Leadership at Kylemore. These sessions may be conducted over the phone or virtually. This option is available through Notre Dame Kylemore. 

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